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Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems

Get the Facts About Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems

If you want to protect your property and your business, fire sprinklers should be a part of your comprehensive plan. When it comes to these important systems, there are a few key facts every homeowner and every landlord should know. Residential fire sprinkler systems are made to be installed in houses of multiple occupancies, apartment blocks, healthcare and nursing homes, and student dwellings. In most cases, residential fire sprinkler systems are required if the property is more than one floor that is 4.5 meters above ground level. They offer you and all occupants of the building a safer route of escape and can extinguish fires in various places throughout the entire property, even if no one is there.

Before you explore the types of fire sprinklers available, there are a few things that should be taken into consideration:


  • The width of your street may affect your installation if there is a substantial reduction in the pavement where a fire hydrant is located.

  • Property on long or dead=end streets that have access restrictions will likely require a complete system to minimize the risk of severe damage and loss of life.

  • Dwellings located in close, tight communities where homes are very close together should each have residential fire sprinkler systems installed.

  • If there is a good deal of spacing between each fire hydrant on the street or fewer water supply mains, fire sprinklers are highly recommended, if not required.

  • Homes and multiple occupancy buildings located in neighborhoods with a single access point should have sprinkler systems in order to mitigate the damage if fire departments take longer or have difficulty accessing the building quickly.

Before you have any type of fire suppression installed, check the local building codes and regulations for the latest requirements. Our team at BCK Contracting is always here to help you with all of your fire sprinkler system needs, so contact us today!

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