Automist Installation Information and Requirements

First Fix

First Fix Stage – BCK Supply and install the high-pressure hoses and Wired/Wireless Heat Detector/s, this may include chasing the walls or cutting into the plasterboard as shown on the image below


Commissioning Stage – BCK Supply and install the Smartscan Hydra Pump/s, Controller/s and Head/s, Water and Electric need to be on and working in order for us to commission and all the items shown on the “Automist Requirement” list need to be in place.


Please Note: We advise that plastering and painting need to be done before commissioning stage.

Electrical Supply 

  • Independent power supplies from the distribution board using a RCBO C16 Breaker per pump in FP200 1.5mm 3 Core Cable (2 core + Earth)

  • Unswitched 13-amp Fused Spur, it must be adjacent to each pump


The Above Needs to be Installed by a Certified Electrician

We will need a copy of the Electricians Installation Certificate

Water Supply

  • Water supply with a 3/4” washing machine tap on each connection for each pump

  • Water supply needs to be 400mm from the floor and at least 80mm from wall so we can fit the filter and pump connectors.

Pump Sizes

  • H 365mm x D 240mm x W 181mm

  • Please allow adequate room for the connections at the rear of the pump at least 200mm in the back and 100mm in the front and sides.

Smartscan Hydra Head

  • These Heads are installed in the wall at 1400mm high from the floor.

  • The Head is designed to be affixed into a hole 90mm wide x 117mm high and 57mm deep.

  • If using a Back Box, the hole dimensions area as follows 95mm wide x 120mm high & 60mm deep

Cables & Hoses

  • Cables installed at first fix in the ceiling need to be visible when we return to commission so the engineer can connect to heat detectors

  • Once client has plastered and painted and ready for commissioning the system, the high-pressure hoses installed at first fix will need to be loose in the wall cavity so our engineers will be able to pull it out of the wall at least 2 inches to install the head

Heat Detectors

The Heat Detectors Installed are mains operated with Battery Back-Up - If the mains are turned off for a period of time the batteries will drain and start beeping and will need replacing at a cost to the client as this does not fall under the Warranty.

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