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Domestic Fire Sprinkler Systems

Domestic Fire Sprinkler Systems are installed in individual houses, such as, Single Occupancy or Single Family Homes.


These usually require a Fire Sprinkler System installed if there is Open Plan Living, a home extension or loft conversion. These Fire Sprinkler Systems are usually installed for safer escape routes from your property.


Your Building Control Officer (BCO) may suggest installing a Fire Sprinkler System in your home and will instruct you on whether you will need full (entire Property to BS9251:2021) or partial (escape Routes) protection.


Approved Document B - where Fire Sprinklers are provided, it is normal practise to provide Fire Sprinkler Protection throughout the building. However, where the fire sprinklers are been installed as a compensatory feature to address a specific risk or hazard it may be acceptable to protect only part of the building.

45m Fire Service Access

The property you are building is more than 45m from a fire main outlet. You may need protection in All Habitable Rooms

i.e. Building behind another property  

Open Plan Living

If you have an open staircase that comes down into a living area on the Ground Floor on a house more than 2 stories, then the Ground floor may need to be protected.

i.e. Loft Conversion

Inner Rooms

​If you have a Flat that has unprotected inner rooms then a Fire Sprinkler System may need to be installed or you may be asked for all Habitable Rooms to be protected.

i.e. Studio Flats

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