Automist Smartscan Hydra

Residential Sprinkler equivalent

Automist Smartscan® Hydra can be used in the same residential applications as traditional sprinklers.

Automist Smartscan® Hydra has been independently, third party, tested by Exova Warrington Fire to confirm it meets the performance requirements of BS 8458:2015 as validated by BSI Verification Certificate VC 71258


  • Spray Head - 50 mm deep wall box mounted 1400 - 1450mm from the ground

  • Activation Method - Ceiling mounted multi-sensor detector triggers scanning infrared pyrometer

  • Suppression - 5.6 litres per minute vertical watermist blade made of droplets less than 100 µm in size

  • Pump - 385 mm (height) by 216 mm (length) by 181 mm (width) and weighs 6.0 kg connected to a 3/4” water supply

  • Electrics - 10A 230V electrical supply with suitable type C circuit breaker or fuse

Automist Smartscan® received the highest distinction in the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2016, which goes to only 1.5% of all entries. Selected by an independent expert panel, according to criteria such as degree of innovation, formal quality, functionality and ecological compatibility. The jury awards the highest single distinction “Red Dot: Best of the Best” for ground-breaking design.

When triggered by a Plumis multi-sensor wireless or wired detector, all the linked spray heads will begin scanning. They start measuring the temperatures within the room using an infrared sensor. The scan is looking for an exceptionally high-temperature reading, or a differential increase between scans. Once the temperature exceeds a threshold that head is deemed to have successfully located a fire. All heads which locate a fire during a scan are then compared to see which has the best view.

The selected spray head will lock onto the selected location, and activate the high-pressure pump, driving mains water through the unique nozzle unit, quickly directing a dense fog into the location of the fire. The high momentum vertical spray orientation with a horizontal trajectory is designed so even shielded fires are saturated with a turbulent flow of mist, suppressing the fire.

Installations are logged in a Plumis central database including everything from the software version to the maintenance cycle. Each unit also has a 'black box' for capturing fire incident data which can be very useful during an insurance claim.

Automist® Smartscan Hydra® are the registered trademark of Plumis Ltd.

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