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Sprinkler Systems Services

Checklist for Sprinkler Systems Services

Most people hope that they’ll never need to activate their fire sprinkler system. However, it’s still important to make sure that your system is operating the way it should through regular inspection and sprinkler systems services. When you take good care of your system, it will take good care of you in the unfortunate event that you ever experience a fire. Here is a brief but thorough checklist that should be included with every type of sprinkler service, whether it’s for your single-family home or your business.


  • All gauges should be checked weekly to ensure that they’re showing a normal reading for air and water pressure.

  • The control valves should also be checked weekly and inspected for leaks, improper seals, or if anything is in the open position. There should be a label showing which part of the system each of the valves controls.

  • Every month, your sprinkler systems services should come out and inspect the gauges on wet pipe systems to ensure that the correct level of water pressure is maintained and that there are no visible signs of damage. All alarm valves should also be inspected monthly.

  • Every few months, make sure that the alarm devices are in good working condition. The hydraulic nameplate should be secured and clearly legible.

In addition to these weekly, monthly, and quarterly checks, your professional sprinkler services company should perform a thorough annual inspection. The professionals at BCK Contracting will check all of the components of your system and perform any maintenance required. These items will include:


  • Gauges

  • Control valves

  • Alarm devices

  • Hangers/bracing

  • Pipes and fittings

  • Sprinkler heads

  • Antifreeze solution

  • Pre-action/deluge valves

  • Backflow prevention components

  • Main drain

  • Water flow alarm

Each of these components will be checked, when applicable. If anything is worn out or there are visible signs of damage, various parts will be replaced and the system will be tested.

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