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We offer a countrywide service from Northampton, Bedford, London, Birmingham, Coventry, Plymouth, Scotland, Wales to name a few areas.


Just send us a .pdf or .dwg drawing of your property or project and we will email or post your quotation to you. 


Via email we try to get your quotes to you within 4 days.


Vis Post this could take a bit longer depending on the speed of the post.


Our quotations are easy to read and give the client enough information to work off to make a descion of what is required of the client and what is required of BCK

Installation and Certification

Our Fire Sprinkler Systems are installed to BS 9251:2014 using CPVC Blazemaster Pipe and RFC49 Concealed Fire Sprinkler Heads where possible.


Depending on the size of the project we can usually work on a 1st and 2nd fix basis but can return to site should we need too.


Once the Fire Sprinkler System has been installed and commissioned we supply the required Certificates for the install to be signed off.


A Firas Third Party certificate or a Statement of Compliance will be issued depending on the type of installation.

Design and Calculations

Our Fire Sprinkler Designs and Calculations are done to BS 9251:2014 


The Design is to give our installers, the client and the local authorities information on where the fire sprinkler heads are going to be installed and the route of the pipe work.


The Calculations give us an idea of the required flow and pressure of the water that is required to work the fire sprinkler system should it ever be activated. We usually require 110 lpm at 3 bar dependant on the calculations.


If the required flow and pressure is inadequate from the mains water supply then a Pump and Tank will need to be installed to supply the required water flow and pressure to the fire sprinkler system.

Service and Maintenance

It is important to have your Fire Sprinkler System maintained on an annually basis to ensure your system remains complaint with the current regulations.


If you already have a fire sprinkler system in your property, call us today for a maintenance quotation and agreement to ensure your system is compliant and will keep you safe, should you need it.

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