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Plumis Smartscan Hydra®

Plumis Smartscan Hyrda® is a Multi Head System that can be installed with up to 6 heads to 1 Pump, which makes the system much more cost effective and even more competitive than a traditional Fire Sprinkler System.

The Smartscan Hyrda® can be used in the same applications as a traditional Fire Sprinkler System

The heads are installed in the wall 1400-1450mm high from the floor and activated with a multi sensor detector which is ceiling mounted. 

Smartscan Hyrda® has a LABC Registered Detail EWS534

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Plumis Automist® Fixed Wall Head

Automist® Fixed Wall Heads is described in an LABC Registered detail  (EW171) for use in Open Plan Layouts and Loft converted houses in England and Wales. 


The Registed Details scheme allows UK Buidling Control Officers to approve a project without a long and detailed invesigation.


Automist® has a 180° Spray that has a 5m range within a 32m² area and triggered by a hard wired ceiling mounted Heat Detector.


Before installing this system you will need to get Building Control Approval using the Design that BCK will supply when quoting for the system.


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Plumis Automist® Tap Mount


The discreet watermist sprinkler alternative ideal for kitchen fire protection. 

Automist® is a cost-effective solution which targets high risk rooms such as the kitchen, where most fires start. The Tap Mount utilises the tap which kitchens have therefore taking the need for large additional sprinkler systems away.

This system has no Registered Detail and will need to get approval before installing this Tap Head System.


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Accredited automist Installer
Plumis Automist® and Smartscan®


BCK are Accredited and Approved Installers of the Plumis Automist® and Smartscan Hydra® Systems.


Like Fire Sprinkler Systems, the Automist Range offers an alternative Fire Protection solution to allow open plan layouts to comply with building regulations.


Building and housing regulations have traditionally encouraged the creation of fire resistant compartments in homes so as to limit the spread of fire, an approach that consumers find increasingly frustrating as they seek open, light spaces to live in. 




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