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Fire Sprinkler Information for Home Owners

What will the Fire Sprinklers look like?

Domestic fire sprinklers are much smaller than ones that you usually see in stores and offices. BCK sprinkler heads are recessed into the ceiling and hidden by a cover plate.  The cover is held in place by a metallic link that melts in a fire and exposes the sprinkler.

You will most likely find that visitors do not notice the sprinklers at all unless you point them out!

When will the sprinkler system be installed?

The best time to install the first fix of the Fire Sprinkler System is when all your plumbing works are going in, i.e. before ceilings are fitted.  

Water and Electrics do not need to be on at this time.

Home Owners

​If you are a Home Owner, you are likely to need a fire sprinkler system if you are:


  • Converting or building an open plan living space

  • Building an extension

  • Converting your loft space


New housing estates often also require fire sprinkler systems, as new road layouts may not give adequate access for fire engines.


We are FIRAS accredited and all our installers carry CSCS cards.


Fire Sprinkler Systems installed to BS9251:2014

What about the water supply?

Fire Sprinklers can get connected to the mains water supply provided you could get enough water pressure and flow to run the system. Depending on the area, you will need either 32mm to 63mm incoming mains to provide approximately 3 bar pressure and 110 litres per minute.  


If that is not possible, then a pump and tank will need to be installed. You will need a space of 2200mm (length) x 750mm (wide). The weight will be approximately 1 ton.

When do you come back to Commission?

Commissioning and completion will be when all the ceilings are painted, the water has been connected to the system and the fused spurs are installed.

All utilites need to be on before commissioning.

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