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Automist Systems

Why Choose Automist Systems For Your Home or Business?

A fire sprinkler system is an important feature to have in any home or place or business. With the help of these systems, you can keep yourself and other occupants safe as well as reduce the amount of damage that can result from a fire. If you’re looking for the latest technology in fire sprinklers, consider the latest from Automist Systems. These unique products offer a wide range of features and benefits that make Automist Services a smart choice.


  • Automist Systems use a special Smartscan feature that suppresses fire directly at the location by targeting its origin at the source.

  • Using these modern systems will help to minimize the damage to your home or business including the structure and the contents. The system can stop once the fire is out, which minimizes the risk of excess water damage after the fire is out.

  • All Automist Systems meet the current requirements of the International Building and Fire Code, which means they can be installed in virtually every home or business to meet current rules and regulations.

  • These modern fire sprinklers are triggered by reliable heat detectors, and that means they’re not prone to activating false alarms as you may experience with a standard smoke alarm.

  • It only takes just a few hours to retrofit and install these systems, so there is less impact on the building itself and less disruption to your life during the installation process.

  • You can enjoy year-round protection with these systems and very little maintenance. Annual Automist Services for maintenance and inspection is quick and easy and usually only takes just a few minutes.

  • The sleek design of these systems makes them look attractive anywhere thanks to the slender stainless steel panel that is installed directly on the wall or ceiling.

  • A rotating head delivers a powerful jet of water mist to quickly and effectively extinguish fires, keeping you safe.

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