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Plumis Automist® Fixed Head

Automist® Fixed Head System has a LABC registered detail EW171  for Loft Conversions.
Technical Details

Water flow 

- 5.6 litres per minute


- hard wired ceiling mounted heat detector

Protected Area

- 32m² area protection per pump with fire hazards up to 5m away from each spray head

Run time 

- 30 mins default or configurable with a fire panel

Installation Requirements 

- Reliable water supply (6 lpm flow and 1 -10 bar pressure) connected with a standard BSP ¾” fitting. 230V 50Hz electrical supply on an independent circuit using a C16 breaker

Minimal Damage

An Automist® Fixed Wall system will use 90% less water than your traditional sprinkler system which means there is minimal water damage, and when the fire is extinguished the system can be turned off quickly. 

Robust Activation

Automist® is activated by robust heat detectors that, unlike some smoke alarms, are not prone to false activations. 

Faster Building Control Approval

Automist® is covered by an LABC registered detail, EW171, allowing rapid local authority building control approval for loft converted houses.

Automist® Smartscan Hydra® are the registered trademark of Plumis Ltd.

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Less Disruption

Retrofitting a sprinkler system can take many hours even days to install, and generally requires more impact to the building, disrupting day to day life. Automist® systems can be fitted in just a few hours with very little impact to you or your property.

A Sensible Solution

Where fire supression is required in a localised area, Automist® reresents an affordable choice without the need of a large build system.

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Fire Prevention

Fire Protection

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